Keynote and Plenary Speakers

Keynote Speaker

  Diane Larsen-Freeman
  Diane Larsen-Freeman is Professor Emerita, Research
  Scientist Emerita, and former Director of the English
  Language Institute at the  University of Michigan, Ann    
  Arbor. She is also a Professor Emerita at  the  Graduate SIT
  Institute in Brattleboro, Vermont and a Visiting  Senior
  Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania.

  "A New Way of 

Plenary Speakers


Vijay K Bhatia

Professor Vijay K Bhatia retired from City University of Hong Kong, and is now a Visiting Professor in Hellenic American University in Athens, and Adjunct Professor at the Chinese University in Hong Kong. He was also the Founding President of the LSP and Professional Communication Association for the Asia-Pacific Rim. He has more than 150 publications to his credit.
Three of his books,
Analysing Genre: Language Use in Professional Settings and Worlds of Written Discourse: A Genre-based View, and Critical Genre Analysis: Investigating Interdiscursive Performance in Professional Communication are widely used in genre theory and practice.
PLENARY: "Critical Genre Analysis -Implications for English for Professional Communication"
WORKSHOP: Analysing Professional Genres

   Wen Qiufang
 WEN Qiufang works at Beijing Foreign Studies University    
 (BFSU) as Professor of applied linguistics and Director of  
 BFSU Academic Council. She is also Vice President of Asia
 TEFL and President of China English Language Education  
 Association, and editor of Chinese Journal of Applied  
 Linguistics (in English) and of Foreign Language Education
 in China (in Chinese). She has obtained three national and  
 four provincial awards  for excellence in teaching. She is
 also  an experienced  researcher and writer, having
 published  more than 170  papers and 17 books, and has  
 finished/is  conducting more  than 30  research projects.  
 Her research  interests include  second language teaching  
 and learning,  teacher professional  development and  
 national language capacity.
 PLENARY: "Dialectical research method for instructed
 second language acquisition"

 WORKSHOP: ”Implementation of dialectical research
 methodology in doing research on ELT in the real world“


 Icy Lee

Icy Lee is Professor in the Faculty of Education at The
Chinese University of Hong Kong, where she is currently
serving as Chair of the 
Department of Curriculum and
Instruction. Her main research interests are in 
the areas
of second language writing and second language teacher
education. She 
has published widely in numerous
international journals, including TESOL Quarterly, Language
Teaching, Language 
Teaching Research, and the Journal of
Second Language Writing. Currently, she is Co-editor of the
Journal of Second 
Language Writing and Senior Associate
Editor of The Asia-Pacific Education Researcher.

 PLENARY: " Feedback Literacy Development for EFL
 Writing Teachers"
 WORKSHOP: “Assessment as Learning in EFL Classrooms”


 Phil Benson

 Phil Benson is Professor of Applied Linguistics and   
 coordinator of the Multilingualism Research Group at  
 Macquarie University. He has taught English as a foreign  
 language in North Africa, the Middle East, Malaysia, Japan  
 and Hong Kong. His main research interests are in the area 
 of multilingualism and include informal language learning  
 beyond the classroom, language learning environments  
 and the language
experiences of migrants and international
 students. His preferred research methods are qualitative  
 and he is especially interested in narrative inquiry and  
 mapping as approaches to language learning research.
 "PLENARY:Where are languages learned? Globalization,
 localization and language learning 
 "WORKSHOP:Mapping as a tool for self-reflection on
learning in and out-of-class

 Luciana C. de Oliveira

 Luciana C. de Oliveira, Ph.D., is Professor and Chair in the
 Department of Teaching and Learning in the School of
 Education and Human Development at the University of
 Miami, Florida. Her research focuses on issues related to
 teaching English language learners (ELLs) at the K-12 level,
 including the role of language in learning the content areas
 and teacher education, advocacy and social justice.
 Currently, Dr. de Oliveira’s research examines scaffolding
 practices and the teaching of writing to bilingual students in
 elementary classrooms. Dr. de Oliveira has over 20 years of
 teaching experience in the field of TESOL. She was an
 elected board member (2013-2016) and will be installed as
 President (2018-19) of TESOL International Association in
 March 2018.
 PLENARY: "Teaching Writing across Elementary, Secondary

 WORKSHOP: "Six Cs of Support for Scaffolding Across  

 Rodney H. Jones

 Rodney H. Jones is Professor of Sociolinguistics and Head
the Department of English Language and Applied  
at the University of Reading. He is author (with
Hafner) of Understanding Digital Literacies: A
introduction (Routledge, 2014), and editor of the
Handbook of Language and Creativity
 (Routledge, 2015).
His most recent monograph is Spoken
(Bloomsbury, 2016).
 PLENARY: "Technology and Language Learning: From print
 to algorithms"

 WORKSHOP: "Mediated discourse analysis as a framework
designing and evaluating learning activities."


 Antony John Kunnan

 Antony John Kunnan (PhD, UCLA) is a language
 assessment specialist. His research interests are fairness of
 tests and testing practice, assessment literacy, and
 statistics. He has held professorial positions in Los Angeles,
 Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. He is currently
 Professor of English at the University of Macau. He has
 given more than 120 plenary talks, seminars and
 workshops in over 35 countries. He has also published
 books, book chapters, and journal articles in language
 assessment. His latest authored book is Evaluating
 Language Assessments (Routledge, 2017) and edited work
 is The Companion to Language Assessment (Wiley, 2016).
 PLENARY:"How can teachers be responsible language

Gustavo González

Teacher of English and international presenter. Holds a
postgraduate degree from the National University of Buenos
Aires, a postgraduate diploma on Education and New
Technologies from Flacso and has completed a course on
Neurosciences for Educators at Asociación Educar. Been in
the ELT field since 1993, working as a teacher, school
coordinator, teacher trainer and presenter. He is a Freelance
PD trainer for Oxford University Press and Trinity College
London. Former vice president of APIBA, the Buenos Aires
English Teachers’ Association and former vice president of
FAAPI, the Argentine Federation of English Teachers’

PLENARY: "21st Century Learning: Going Beyond the
Classroom Door"

WORKSHOP:"What Lies Within: Helping Students
Communicate Effectively and Affectively

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