International Transportation

There are many direct flights from different countries and regions in Asia to Macau. Macau has the direct flights to the following destinations: Bangkok, Busan,Cebu, Chiang Mai, Clark, Da Nang, Fukuoka,Hanoi,Jarkata,Kuala Lumpur, Kaohsing, Sihanouk,Songapore, Manila,Osaka,Phnom Penh,Seoul, Siem Reap, Singapore, Taichung, Tokyo, Pattaya, and other 21 major cities in Mainland China, such as Beijing, Shanghai & Chengdu.

1) Macau International Airport 
Flight Information: Macau International Airport 
2)  Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA)
  • Flight Information: HKIA 
  • After arriving at HKIA, delegates need to purchase a ferry ticket from HKIA to Macao. There are two ferry operators—Turbojet and Cotai Water Jet.


HKIA <—>  Macau Maritime Ferry Terminal(Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal)
For more information: Turbojet 

Cotai Water Jet:

HKIA <—>  Macau Taipa Ferry Terminal
For more information: Cotai Water Jet

If delegate chooses to take the ferry from HKIA to Macau, it is no need to cross the immigration of Hong Kong and checking in the luggage.

Due to 60-min luggage handling time, delegate need to purchase a ferry ticket behind the arriving time at least 60 mins. 

Transportation to Holiday Inn Cotai Central

There will be complimentary shuttle bus from Macau International Airport, border gates and ferry terminals to the Holiday Inn Cotai Central. The frequency is estimated 15 mins. Here is the schedule.

Transportation to University of Macau

There are three bus lines that come into campus. It takes approximately 15 minutes from the University to Taipa or to Macau city centre on a normal day.

Bus 71: PRACA FERREIRA AMARAL <—> University of Macau
Bus 72: Taipa <—> University of Macau 
Bus 73: AREIA PRETA <—> University of Macau

Please refer to How to get UMAC for more transportation information to University of Macau. 

Local Transportation

During the conference free shuttle services will be offered from the hotel to the university. There are also local bus coming to the university.


Taxis are not very expensive, particularly if you are sharing with 2 or 3 friends.

Taxi prices:
First 1.600 meters at flag fall : MOP 17.00
For each 260 meters afterwards :  MOP 2.00

2) Bus
There are plenty of bus lines in Macau, it is not difficult to move around the city. On the bus stops there are posters showing the route and stops of each line, so you can easily see where each bus goes.

The prices of the bus journey varies between MOP 3.20 and MOP 6.40 depending on the distance the bus covers. You need to pay using coins for the exact fare, they do not give you change. To avoid the inconvenience of having the right change you can buy a Macau bus pass, and there is a reduction in the fare if you use the pass. The bus passes are pre-paid cards that you can buy and reload in any convenience store (Circle K, 7-Eleven), on campus and in town. The initial cost is MOP 130.00, MOP 30.00 is an initial deposit. You can also use the bus pass as a debit card in convenience shops, cake shops, some supermarkets and the Food Paradise.

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